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The Boomerang House

 Exclusive guest house in the South of Crete 

We will be happy to help you with the planning of your trips and excursions so that the most beautiful spots will not be overlooked.

We also like to share the addresses of our favorite restaurants with you.



Archaeology and museums

Phaistos and Agia Triada – Minoan settlements from 1900 BC

Gortyna (Gortis) – Old Roman capital
Knossos – Minoan settlement (1hr drive)

Ethnological museum in Voroi
Archaeological museum in Heraklion (1hr drive)
Museum from Papamichalis in Asomatos



Komos beach

Kalamaki beach

Matala beach

Red beach

A little bit further away - East



A little bit further away - West

Agia Galini beach

Agios Giorgos

Agios Pavlos & Triopetra



Moni Odigitrias - Listaros

Moni Vrondisi - Zaros

Moni Valsamonero - Vorizia

Moni Preveli - Preveli beach

Moni Arkadi – in the Amari valley, direction Rethymnon


Agios Farangos

Starts 4km from monastery Moni Odigitrias

(total 2hr)


Starts 1km from monastery Moni Odigitrias

(total 2hr)

Rouvas kloof

Starts at Votomos lake in Zaros 

(total 5hr)

To Thimios Stavros

Starts in Grigoria 

(total 3hr)

To the Monastery Moni Vrontisi

Starts at Votomos lake in Zaros 

(total 2.5hr)


Botano – Herb shop in Kouses (5min from Sivas)
Vassilis – Ceramic shop in Sivas
Rodanti – Delicious honey in Sivas  
Moni Odigitrias – Skincare product based on olive oil and herbs
Matala – Souvenir shops
Zaros – Handwoven articles 
Zaros – Manufacturer of musical instruments
Agia Galini – Souvenir shops
Rethymnon – Nice shopping city (1hr drive)

Weekly markets in Moires and Tymbaki

Other activities

Wine domain Zacharioudakis - Plouti
Guided tour and tasting high-quality bio-wines

Horse riding at Melanouri horse farm in Pitsidia

Boat trips from the harbour of Agia Galini.

Mini-golf Karolos in Agia Galini

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